Best Investment Opportunity in Properties at Navi Mumbai.

Navi Mumbai is a new city developed adjacent to the Mumbai City and is provided with several advanced features and a lucrative option for property buyers. With the growing demand of the property sector in the city, the present time offers a great option to buy a property in the region. According to property experts, this new city is expected to develop in the footprints of the Mumbai City, as estimated by the planned nature and the development of the satellite city. This city is the only city in India, which has been featured in the television series “Super Cities of the World”, broadcasted on the National Geographic channel. The development & planning authority, CIDCO, have created well-elaborated plans for the city and its infrastructure, where the advanced infrastructure of the city is aimed to offer a connection to the proposed airport. Other infrastructural plans developed for the city include a ring railway, metro railway, the interstate bus terminal and a ferry service, where all the features are designed to allow people to move easily and quickly between the International Airport in Navi Mumbai and the South Mumbai.

There are a number of reasons that offer a better future for property investment in this new city, which are discussed below:

• Investment Cost: Ahead of a number of attractive opportunities available in the city, Navi Mumbai has grown at a fast pace alongside offering a favorable housing cost. The rise of property rates in Mumbai has made it difficult to buy a property there, which has again contributed a great shift towards making an investment in the new Mumbai, where comparatively affordable property is available.

• Infrastructure: Infrastructure is another factor that favors a bright future for property investment in Navi Mumbai, where property is constructed with a good infrastructure. This city is comprised of a huge network of roads, where a traffic jam is comparatively lesser, making it easy for people to live there. Along with the good infrastructure, you are able to get an affordable housing option.

•  Environment: Major cities are accompanied by the polluted environment due to the presence of industries, while Navi Mumbai offers a pollution free environment. Thus, low levels of pollution offer a favorable environment for people to live in the city.

• Real Estate: Along with the residential property available in the city, the real estate market also observes a bright future with the availability of the latest real estate projects in the city. Also, there is comparatively lesser number of agents operating in the city, making it a bright chance for those agents, who wish to set up a business in the city.

• Security: Security is another factor that contributes for a better living in the new city. Since, the city is newly developed, so there is lesser population, which accounts for the lower chances of thefts or other criminal activities.

Thus, with the availability of an option for a better lifestyle, better infrastructure projects and a high scope for the real estate builders and developers, Navi Mumbai has become an interesting option for the investment in the property sector.